Witold Sulimirski

Witold Sulimirski

October 25th, 2002

The Future Is Not What It Was: Realities of the Economic
Transformation of Poland

Witold Sulimurski, a native of Poland and a graduate of Cambridge
University, came to the United States in 1957 where he

pursued an international banking career. He retired early in 1989 as
Executive Vice President of Irving Trust Company/Bank of

New York. The same year Mr. Sulimirski obtained the first license
for a bank to be opened in Poland with foreign capital, and

served as chairman of its supervisory board. From 1992 to 1994 at
the behest of the White House, he headed the American

Investment Initiative in Poland. Later on he was involved in many
banking ventures and in the privatization program in


Mr. Sulimirski has an extraordinary record of public service.
Since 1980, he has been a trustee and is currently chairman of

the Kościuszko Foundation, which for the past 77 years has promoted
educational and cultural exchanges between the United

States and Poland. He has also served as a board member or an
officer of many organizations serving Polish-American causes.