Witold Rybczyński

Witold Rybczyński

October 4th, 2002

The Perfect House of Andrea Palladio

Witold Rybczyński, of Polish parentage, was born in Edinburgh
(1943), raised in Surrey, and attended Jesuit schools in

England and Canada. He received Bachelor of Architecture and Master
of Architecture degrees from McGill University in Montreal,

where he taught between 1974 and 1993. His architectural experience
has included working for Moshe Safdie on Habitat, and

designing and building houses as a registered architect. For twenty
years he was involved in housing research in Canada and

abroad, for which he received a 1991 Progressive Architecture Award.
In 1993, he received the Alfred Jurzykowski Foundation

Award, and was made an Honorary Fellow of the American Institute of

Since 1996 Witold Rybczynski has been a Professor of Urbanism at
the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.