Polish Ambassador Janusz Reiter

Polish Ambassador Janusz Reiter

April 2007

The Polish Perspective on the Future of Europe and the Trans-Atlantic Relationship

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[reiter photo] Janusz Reiter became ambassador of
Poland to the United States on Oct. 3, 2005. A graduate of the
University of Warsaw, Ambassador Reiter in 1977 became editor of the
daily newspaper Zycie Warszawy, but was later dismissed during martial
law. In addition to founding and editing a number of opposition
magazines, the ambassador helped establish the Foundation for
International Initiatives and the Independent Center for International
Studies. From 1984 to 1989, he was a commentator for Przeglad Katolicki
and the following year was appointed Poland’s ambassador to West
Germany, a post he held until 1995. As such,

Ambassador Reiter was able to witness first-hand the reunification of
Germany and its profound impact on the rest of Europe. Since 1998,
Ambassador Reiter has served as president of the Center for
International Relations in Warsaw. He’s also a founding member of the
Foreign Policy Council and co-chairman of the Polish-German forum, and
has written extensively on the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe
in Rzeczpospolita and other publications.