A Window to Contemporary Polish History and Culture (POL 320, SLN 18818)

A Window to Contemporary Polish History and Culture (POL 320, SLN 18818)

Instructor: Dr. Justyna Zych, Visiting Fulbright Scholar from Polonicum Centre of Polish Language & Culture for Foreigners, University of Warsaw

Time/place: T Th 11:30am – 1:20pm; Savery Hall, Room 155

Course description: What stories does a city tell? As the capital of Poland, Warsaw accumulates many important topics, motifs, and symbols of Polish culture. On one hand, Warsaw’s topography, architecture, monuments, art, cult locations, festivals, typical products, and local traditions reflect a complex and intriguing urban culture of the Polish capital, as well as its stormy and convoluted past. On the other hand, Warsaw is a lens that puts into focus crucial events in the history of Poland and the most significant phenomena in Polish culture, and therefore constitutes a great starting point for understanding Polish history and culture. (Slavic 320)
This class is intended for students of all disciplines. Those who do not know much about Poland will have an opportunity to discover its culture and history, whereas those who have been exploring Poland-related topics will have a chance to deepen and broaden their knowledge, thanks to the unique Varsovian perspective.

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